So Why are Heat Pumps so Important?


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SJB GSHPThe demand for heat pumps has steadily grown in recent years, not surprising as gas and electricity bills have risen considerably. Apart from the obvious, and very popular financial benefits like lower fuel bills, there is the widespread desire to reduce carbon emissions. Energy used by homes amounts to about 14% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions. This situation is created by burning fossil fuels in traditional gas or oil boilers. Heat pumps on the other hand get their energy from natural sources like solar, wind, water or underground. In order to produce energy for heating and hot water, heat pumps do require a small amount of electricity.

For each unit of electricity used, a heat pump will deliver 3 – 4 units of high-grade heat energy for the home. Although electricity features in the process, there has been a significant expansion of the UK’s wind and solar power sources. Meaning the electricity needed increasingly comes from decarbonised, green sources.

It is intended that eventually all of the UK’s electricity will be more or less zero carbon, making sustainable products like heat pumps even more eco-friendly. Your new heat pump will completely replace the old system and provide all of your heating and hot water needs. It’s wise to make sure your home is well insulated before embarking on heat pump installation. Which size heat pump you need will depend on the amount of heat loss your home experiences.

SJB Mechanical & Building Services offer high quality products from major names like Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy. Read more about Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps on our site, or contact us for more advice about your heating needs on 01277 823648 or 07711 886428.


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