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The Reforms
The Renewable Heat Incentive has recently been the subject of proposals for a bit of a shuffle or reorganisation, in order to cut costs and save money. It was a case of raised eyebrows all round when the announcements came, which included the end of support for Solar Thermal systems to take effect from spring 2017. The likelihood is that this development will cause a flurry of activity in this area, as people cease procrastinating and hurry to take advantage of the scheme before it ends.

A 98% reduction in the deployment of non-domestic biomass boilers is also expected in a proposed revision by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). This is somewhat of a surprise, as up to now, this technology has been relatively successful, especially where progress relating to the legally binding renewable heat target is concerned.

Some are worried that these reforms may negatively affect aims to generate 12% renewable heat by 2020. This is a self imposed UK target intended to lower carbon emissions and provide a more eco-friendly solution. The DECC dismisses these concerns, stating that a positive impact is the expected outcome. It asserts that the changes will assist in building sustainable markets and encourage development of the correct renewable heating technologies for specific applications.

Air Source Heat Pump Technology
Some renewable heat technology however emerged unscathed, such as Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP], which have grown in popularity in recent years. ASHP’s have surpassed solar PV and are now the most requested renewable energy installation. Homes and businesses considering this form of energy production will gain confidence from government recommendations to increase support for these systems by 28 – 34%. Tariffs for Air Source Heat Pump systems will be raised from 7.42p to between 9.5 and 10p, which will ensure boosted reliance on this form of energy for home heating and hot water. The government are responding to peoples demands for economical energy which is also green and clean.

More accessibility is also planned, with measures like abandoning Green Deal Advice Reports for RHI, and help with the cost of renewable energy systems and installations. As for the eventual outcome for consumers, only time will tell.
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