Guild Hall Heating System Upgrade, Great Dunmow, Essex

We were called to do a full heating survey and design for this Listed Building just outside Great Dunmow, Essex. The Guild Hall trust contacted us to establish if the current system was correctly installed, as if was not functioning properly.

The original system installer had gone into liquidation, so we had no details on the heating system install or the underfloor heating. We investigated and were able to verify the total installation. We found that the boiler and radiators were all the right size and the underfloor heating was in order.

We produced a report for several non conformances in the system and were instructed to correct these errors, which we did.

The major finding of our report was the absence of adequate insulation in the building. We identified several significant cold spots and arranged for a specialist insulation company to insulate as required. We also assisted the trust to claim financial assistance for the insulation, due the hall’s Listed Building status.

Red Cross Grade 1 Listed Building, Chelmsford

The Chess Charity has bought this property, for conversion into sheltered accommodation. Several bedrooms and two offices will be installed.

We have removed the old heating system entirely, installing a new commercial heat system and pressurised hot water system. Stage 2 will be to install the communal bathrooms for the accommodation..

Upgrading a Listed Building on such a scale is not without its challenges, in particular the location of the boiler in a very confined space and the authentic presentation of the pipe work.

Under Floor Heating Systems

photo 1Chelmsford

For this project we used the Nu Heat Low Pro Max under floor heating system. For a traditional UFh systems we normally dig up the floor to 130mm.

Nu Heat Low Pro Max requires a maximum build up of only 22mm, so we cut away just 30 mm instead of 130mm. This avoids a huge amount of dust and also reduces the damage potential. It also gives a much faster turnaround time. This is all in addition to the greater economy that under floor systems offer, compared with a radiator system.

photo 2Fyfield, Ongar

This was another Nu Heat Low Pro Max installation. The tiled hallways had raised floor levels. We needed floor level same for hallway & dining room, so we had to manipulate the floors to match each other..

Air Conditioning Projects

Office Air Conditioning, Brentwood

We installed two air conditioning units in a container which is used as an office. The prime requirement is to heat the container. Air conditioning units are dual purpose, as they can both heat and cool. In this instance air conditioning units are an economic way of heating, as there is no gas, just an electrical service.

Office Air Conditioning Relocation, London

A project in London required us to move 15 air conditioning units from a wall which was to be demolished and relocated them on other side of the office roof. This required redirection of the refrigeration pipework and electrical services and also redirection of the air ventilation system. Finally, we rehoused all air conditioning units in a sound proof box, to comply with local authority standards.

Domestic ASHP Installation, Docklands, London

This customer had bought an air conditioning unit and installed it himself. The installation malfunctioned losing all the gas. We repaired 3 faults in the system, put the installation in good and safe order and re-commissioned.

Air Source Heat Pump Projects

Paddington, London

Here, an air Source Heat Pump system had been applied with installation defects, by a third party. The client found us on the web and asked us to rectify the situation, which we did. The property development was twelve studio houses, each connected to an ASHP system. Air Source Heat Pumps were selected by the Housing Association, for the development, to hit its quota of renewable energy.

Air Source Heat Pump – Domestic Installation, Great Dunmow, Essex

photo 1

This project required us to replace the existing ASHP units which had been in place for some time. We replaced the Mitsubishi units with the latest version of the Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump system. This ensured compatibility with the system, the new units having much more compression, making them far more economical.

Air Handling Unit, Ealing, London

Every commercial environment must have tempered air. In this instance, a school, the original air handling unit was undersized for the building.

We redesigned the system and installed a new, larger unit. We also redirected the air ventilation pipe work and central heating pipe work for the unit.

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