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Our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, offer an excellent choice of standard or bespoke dust extraction units, manufactured at their factory in Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Whether its for small scale joiners workshops, or large scale industrial applications the Unimatic range can supply the ideal dust extraction unit for you. This technology is a requirement within any production facility where processes relating to woodworking, cement, ink powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and shot blasting result in the creation of dust. The Unimatic range of dust collection and extraction units have been developed to satisfy every customer need and provide a highly versatile solution.

Other types of dust extractor have often presented problems where they do not fit into their intended space. This is one of the areas where Unimatic extractors have a distinct advantage as they can be custom designed to exact specifications. This level of flexibility is enabled by their unique modular construction. A highly efficient manufacturing process within the UK, means an extremely fast turn around for Unimatic bespoke dust extractors, of 4 to 6 weeks. This is in sharp contrast to many other manufacturers who quote up to 12 weeks. The Unimatic website will also carry a selection of high quality accessories such as filter bags, gauges, cartridges and inserts.

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For more information about the Unimatic range of dust extraction units callĀ 0191 262 2882

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