Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pump Technology for an Energy Efficient Solution

Ground Source Heat PumpsHeat pump technology has had a prominent part to play in efforts towards a more environmentally friendly community. The first major economy to put in place laws that would ensure a reduction in carbon emissions was the UK. There is a firm target to lower greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. To support this, the UK government has put a modern industrial strategy in place. There has already been a reduction in carbon emissions of 42%, even though the economy has grown by 72%. Green collar jobs in sustainable industries may eventually increase to 2 million. The UK could also see exports from this low carbon economy rising to £170 billion a year.

Positive changes have been ongoing, with many rules implemented to facilitate a more sustainable society. Strict guidelines now exist regarding the energy performance of buildings, especially new builds. The UK has also witnessed developments affecting CO₂ emissions of cars, electrical appliance energy consumption and the electricity market.

Green Power drawn from Safe, Natural Sources

As mentioned earlier, green technology has proved a game changer, with innovations such as ground and air source heat pumps. Sources of power available include solar, wind and water, and the introduction of electric vehicles and widespread recycling are extremely effective. SJB Mechanical & Building Services, are dedicated to offering our customers highly efficient and affordable green technology. Ground Source Heat Pump [GSHP] technology is accepted as one of the best ways to extract and use natural power. Our buildings stand on the ground [a rich source of power, or heat energy]. This can be extracted and used to keep our homes warm and comfortable.

Heating the home in winter and cooling it in the summer is simple once a GSHP is professionally installed.

Commercial, Domestic & Multi Occupancy Carbon Free Heating & Cooling

Heating a building by this natural method delivers a clean, carbon emissions free alternative to traditional methods. Solar energy stored in the ground is cleverly utilised by these energy efficient heat pumps. Suitable for use in most buildings, GSHPs are ideal for projects with a low environmental impact objective. In the case of new builds, this technology ticks all the boxes. This is because government regulations require a certain amount of green technology to appear in applications for planning permission. Plans must demonstrate a clear intention to incorporate a significant amount of sustainable technology into the build.

Ground source heat pumps work exceptionally well with optimised heating systems that run at a lower water delivery temperature than in normal radiator systems. This makes them perfect for use with modern underfloor heating systems.

Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps from Mitsubishi, Daikin & Samsung

Shallow trenches or boreholes are used in the installation of GSHPs with a closed loop of pipes to collect heat [and a small amount of antifreeze]. Heat can occasionally be sourced from ponds, lakes or the sea also. Stored energy is collected by these pipes, and is used to heat the home or provide hot water. The process can even be reversed during the summer in order to cool the living space. The pumps need a certain amount of electricity in order to power the circulation pumps and compressor.

A high quality Ground Source Heat Pump will deliver amazing performance, along with providing much more thermal energy (heat) than is used to drive the system. Green energy has been produced by GSHPs for many years across North America, Switzerland Germany and Sweden. Initial installation costs slightly more than other types of heating system. But their saving grace is that they will bring many years of low maintenance, safe, clean and energy efficient heating.


Ground Source Heat Pump Technology for an Energy Efficient Solution, Green Power drawn from Safe, Natural Sources. Commercial, Domestic & Multi Occupancy Carbon Free Heating & Cooling, Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps from Mitsubishi, Daikin & Samsung

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