Green Energy for your Home or Business with Air Source Heat Pumps


Air Source Heat Pump Installation for Domestic, Commercial and Multi Occupancy Buildings in Colchester, Maldon, North Weald, Epping

sjbThe largest use of energy for domestic or commercial properties in the UK is through heating and hot water. Domestic and commercial heating creates half of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and represents 60% of energy bills. Only 1% of heating comes from renewable sources as the majority is provided by fossil fuels. The governments Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme was introduced in an effort to challenge and reverse this situation. It is hoped that the incentive will result in 12% of all heat generated coming from renewable sources by the year 2020.

Green energy is something which more and more people are increasingly considering for a number of reasons. These include frustration at unpredictable fuel bills, a desire to lower the homes carbon footprint and the wish for a versatile, low maintenance alternative. A popular option that has caught the interest of a significant portion of home and business owners in the UK is Air Source Heat Pump technology. There are several attractive benefits to this heating choice, and it is already being used within the domestic and commercial arenas in places like Colchester, Maldon, North Weald and Epping. There are definite advantages to using Air Source Heat Pump technology such as:-

Low running costs

An Air Source Heat Pump to heat your home in Epping will cost less than conventional forms of energy such as oil, LPG and electricity, providing savings of up to £600 per year on fuel costs. If you do not have existing gas central heating, an Air Source Heat Pump is a very viable option, giving a clean and efficient heating solution.

Little or no maintenance required

A high quality Air Source Heat Pump should run efficiently and require little or no maintenance when installed by reputable engineers. This is in sharp contrast to some other renewable technologies.

Can earn you money

You can register your home or business in Colchester for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, and receive payments depending on the renewable heat generated.

Carbon footprint reduction

Compared to other forms of heat such as that produced from fossil fuels, Air Source Heat Pumps have an impressively low carbon footprint due to using the air – a natural source of renewable energy

SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd are experienced contractors in all aspects of renewable energy heat systems including design, installation and maintenance. We specialise in exceptional quality Air Source Heat Pumps, and can advise and guide you when it comes to the best possible option for your particular needs.

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