Green Energy and Reduced Bills


Air Source Heat Pump Installation for Domestic & Commercial Properties, Multi Occupancy Heating


Heating and hot water takes up the most energy produced within the UK, and creates half of our CO2 emissions. It also accounts for 60% of our energy bills, and is mostly sourced from fossil fuels, with only 1% coming from renewable sources.

In order to alleviate or reverse this situation the government introduced schemes like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI]. The hope is that this initiative will be responsible for 12% of heat being produced by renewable sources by 2020. Green energy has a number of widely accepted advantages including lower fuel bills, reduction of the home’s carbon footprint, and a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Some options have caught the imagination of the public, businesses and governments alike, such as solar power and air source heat pumps. Both can save significant amounts on energy bills, and air source heat pumps are steadily growing in popularity. These innovative units utilise the air from outside, and convert it into energy which provides heating and hot water whatever the weather. Not only do they help to lower energy costs, but they are eligible for the RHI and Feed-In Tariff. These schemes mean that the home owner may receive regular payments, depending on the amount of renewable energy they produce.

If you are in the process of deciding whether to install an air source heat pump, or are awaiting the arrival of a purchased unit, you can hire a range of heating equipment such as convector heaters, infrared heaters, space heaters and industrial humidifiers from Rhino Plant Hire for your home or business in Chelmsford, Essex. They have an extensive range of equipment including fume extractors, which safely eradicate any unpleasant or dangerous fumes or airborne dust. Give their friendly, experienced staff a call on 01277 372 626.


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