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Sustainability RhinosIt seems every time you check, there is a new innovative product appearing within the construction industry. UK Construction Week held this year at London ExCeL on 3-5 May and at Birmingham NEC on 4-6 October will showcase many. The shows aim to promote speed, productivity, quality, sustainability and social cohesion.

Some inspirational ideas include the Pallet LOOP, simple in concept but highly eco friendly, as it tackles waste within the construction sector. Approximately 18 million pallets per year are used to transport building materials from A to B. Not even 10% are reused, adding to devastating levels of deforestation. Around 6,000 acres of forest a year is felled to create these pallets, which are typically used only once. Continuing demand means that thousands of acres of trees must be grown continually.

This type of unsustainable process goes against modern thinking, and the fight to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The Pallet LOOP intends to replace a large proportion of single use pallets, through a deposit-based scheme. Distinctive, multi use green coloured pallets engineered to last will make an appearance.

Another innovative product that will be featured at the shows include the EASYClickBase sub-base system. This is a sub-base intended for patios, driveways and paths, which is constructed from 100% recycled plastic. It will help cut down on aggregate imports, reduce time and labour and significantly reduce environmental impact. Gapotape has won multiple awards for its ability to insulate walls, roofs and floors, eradicating air leakage and using thermal bridging. It consists of foil and foam tape for use with rigid insulation board. These are just three examples of what’s on offer.

Rhinos Plant Hire are a forward thinking specialist company, hiring out high quality machinery, tools and equipment. One of their priorities is sustainability, which is why their used plant machinery is offered for sale as opposed to being sent to the scrapyard. Whatever your project requirements in Brentwood, Rhinos will have the answer, call them on 01277 372 626.


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