Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can boilers be fitted in cupboards?

A. That is down to the brand/stroke model of boiler and design of the system you have. For example: a combi boiler will need a large cupboard whereas a normal boiler will fit into a standard wall cupboard.

Q. Does a decorative designer radiator give out as much heat as a normal radiator?

Plumbers, Heating Engineers, Gas Engineers, Central Heating, Underfloor HeatingA. Yes they do but subject to the design chosen. A decorative vertical panel radiator will only go to a double panel version with a max 2m high. Decorative radiators don’t have convectors, so you need a bigger decorative heater twice the size of conventional radiators.

Q. Does air conditioning do both heating and cooling?

A. All modern air conditioning units are inverter systems, so the unit can do either heating or cooling by simply changing the mode setting on the units controller.

Q. How frequent do air conditioning units need to be serviced?

A. This depends on the number of units the property has installed, and the amount of refrigeration gas it holds. As a general rule most units should be serviced at least once per year.

Q. What are the risks of not having my air conditioning serviced regularly?

A. Well, firstly performance and economy will take a hit. A unit may have to work twice as hard if it is not clean.

Possibly more concerning is the spread of unhealthy spores, leading to lots of people in our offices get colds and coughs. Blockages also make an unserviced system smell. We clean the filters with a bacterial spray and at the end of our service you get a clean, fresh, hygienic unit.

Electricity cost and wear & tear on an air conditioning unit is less if it has a regular service. The normal life cycle of an air conditioning unit is 10 years. We have several clients with units that have been in service for 10 years or more and are still going strong.