Choosing an air conditioning system: which type is which?

If you’re looking for air conditioning units to be installed in your residential or commercial property in Colchester, Chelmsford or Rainham, look no further than than SJB Mechanical.

Investing in air conditioning units is a great move, and is guaranteed to keep your team members and customers happy as they enjoy the benefits of an ambient, temperature controlled environment.

But before you take the plunge and set up your system, it’s a good idea to think about what sort of air conditioning system you require and how to choose the one that’s right for your needs.

In this article, we’ll advise you on how to choose the right air conditioning system for your property in Rainham, Chelmsford or Colchester.

Split air conditioners

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One of the most common types of air conditioner you’ll find in houses up and down Britain is the split air conditioner.

With this system, the network is split into two different units – one outdoor and one indoor. The outdoor unit is designed to live away from the room that you’re planning to cool down with your air conditioner, and includes important components like the expansion valve, the compressor and the condenser.

The indoor unit, meanwhile, contains the cooling fan and the evaporator. Because of the compact nature of these systems, they’re ideal for those who don’t want a bulky or ugly air conditioning unit in the middle of their living room or shop floor.

Window air conditioner

The window air conditioner is the most popular type of air conditioning unit for use in one room.

In a window air conditioner, all of the individual parts of the system are located together in the same box. If you’re just planning to cool one room with your air conditioner rather than a series of rooms or an entire building, the window air conditioner is for you.

Manufacturers give these units the “window” tag because homeowners and business premises owners often choose to integrate with it the windowsill or other small hole in the wall of a room.

Central air conditioner

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If you’re planning to cool a very large building here in Chelmsford, Rainham or Colchester – such as a hotel or a swimming pool complex – then a central air conditioner system is for you.

Shopping malls, art galleries and other locations with very large volumes of space tend to use this system because it can often end up being prohibitively expensive to install individual units – like window air conditioners – in each different section of the building. Not only that, having tens or even hundreds of different isolated units across a building can be environmentally unfriendly too.

It gets its name because the whole system relies on a centralised unit as opposed to lots of different boxes placed in each of the rooms. Central air conditioning plants can be chilled water-based, too, so if you’d prefer to avoid potentially hazardous chemicals then that could be a good idea.

Packaged air conditioner

A packaged air conditioner system tends to be used in large locations which need to be cooled, such as big, airy rooms or more than one room in a series.

As with a window air conditioner, this system tends to place all of the individual parts into the same box. The cold air is then distributed – or blown – across the area which needs to be cooled through a network of ducts.

The only time the individual components aren’t all housed together is when the system uses compressed gas. This substance is then sent to different boxes in the relevant locations which need to be cooled down, and these boxes contain certain important parts like the cooling coil or the expansion valve.

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We have plenty of experience installing all different kinds of air conditioning systems, and we’ve worked with both small properties requiring tiny window air conditioners for little injections of heat to large premises which need centralised air conditioning systems to keep large spaces cool in the summer months.

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