Chilled Water Cooling Systems

SJB Mechanical undertakes many air conditioning installations, for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. For many large buildings, the cost of air conditioning can be prohibitive. Also, from a practical perspective, the installation of air conditioning can be limited by the capacity of the pumping system.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems, Long Reach

Chilled Water Cooling Systems, Long ReachThese situations are where chilled water systems come into their own. Chilled water systems are basically cold water pushed around a pipe system by a central heating pump. The effect is similar to air conditioning, but the cost is considerably lower. Additionally, whilst the limit of an air conditioning system is around 100m, a chilled water system can extend to around 400m.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems: Safety

When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system in your home, office or commercial premises, safety is a very important factor. Whether you’re looking to protect your kids at home or ensure that your customers are kept safe while coming in and out of your shop, it’s vital that you think about what’s going into your equipment and what could, if the worst happened, come out of it. Not only could your reputation be on the line, it could also cause all kinds of legal headaches if your system was to malfunction.

Some air conditioning systems are powered by chemicals, and while they are usually safe, they can still cause accidents in the rare event that they are tampered with or they malfunction. However, as chilled water cooling systems only require the natural substance that is water to get working, you can place your chilled water cooling system near your kids, your employees or your customers without fear that they will be harmed by the chemicals.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems: Noise Control

Air conditioning systems are not exactly known for being particularly quiet and relaxing – and, given that they’re often pumping water around a complicated pipe system at a relatively fast speed, it’s no surprise that they make a noise. The constant hum of a traditional air conditioning system can get you down, though. If you’re installing it in an office then it can have a profound effect on your employees’ productivity, and placing it in your shop or other similar location can end up causing your customers to feel on edge or annoyed.

That’s where a chilled water cooling system comes into play. Usually, the vents that are dotted all over your traditional air conditioning system can end up going haywire as the air grows and shrinks, and it’s this kind of problem which often ends up causing the noise you hear. Flowing water, however, is much less likely to fall victim to this kind of problem, and is happy to circulate around your piping system without making a racket!

Chilled Water Cooling Replacing Air Conditioning

At Cranfield University, Milton Keynes, we have recently replaced an air conditioning system with a chilled water system and it is proving to be highly efficient and cost effective. Further chilled water systems have been installed in Chelmer Village, Stoke Newington and Hackney.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems.High Efficiency, Low Cost, Ideal Replacement for Air Conditioning in Large Buildings Rainham, Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Upminster