Home Heating System Installation & Repair Specialists, Billericay

Home Heating System Installation & Repair Specialists, Billericay

sjb-aAs the winter months approach and energy prices threaten, the thoughts of many turn to fuel bills and how to keep the home warm, dry and comfortable. A good efficient heating system as provided by the experts at SJB Mechanical and Building Services Ltd, is of course a must, but heat can escape very easily through doors, windows, floors and roofs. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, “everything about the house that serves to shield the living space from the outdoors” is known as the ‘thermal envelope’. Your fuel bills are actually paying for heat loss, as the home can typically lose around:-

  • 35% of heat through walls
  • 20% up through the roof
  • 20% out of windows and doors
  • 15% ventilation
  • 10% floor

New homes in places like Billericay, are now required to be as energy efficient as possible before being given the go ahead to build. Homes which are thermally efficient incorporate things like heating and air conditioning systems, double glazing, cavity wall insulation, air/vapor retarders, loft insulation and weather stripping and caulking. Heat sources produced within the home include heating systems, appliances and body heat, and externally of course, the sun.

Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair for Warm, Dry Homes in Wickford

sjb-bHomes can reduce heat loss in a number of ways, and a combination of methods is usually best, for effective results in Wickford, Essex. Home heat can be retained by ensuring that heat is trapped by keeping doors closed where possible, using lined curtains and closing curtains, blinds or shutters at dusk. You can make your home even more toasty and warm by using draught excluders for exterior doors and fitting flaps over keyholes and letterboxes. Block unused chimneys with either a specially designed product, or a rubbish bag filled with newspaper is sometimes used [ensuring that it is visible in case of somebody attempting to light the fire].

Loft hatches should be a snug fit and weather strip can be applied to tackle draughty gaps between floorboards, and bulk underfloor insulation will also reduce unwanted air flow and heat loss. Cornices and skirting boards should be checked and flexible silicone based or latex sealants can help protect against heat escaping. Alternatively remove the skirting boards etc and use foam to create a barrier where floor and wall or ceiling and wall meet. Make sure that your boiler is functioning to the best of its ability, and get it serviced and maintained regularly. If your boiler is not performing well, consider a repair or look into the possibility of having a new boiler installed.

Boiler Heating & Servicing, Thermally Efficient Homes, Abridge

You can go to even greater lengths for a thermally efficient home, and however small and seemingly insignificant, they are bound to make a difference. Those little gaps around electrical wiring and plumbing spaces will allow your heat to seep out slowly, so use a silicone sealer, and if the gaps are larger, expanding polyurethane foam is ideal. Look carefully around your home in Abridge, for this type of issue as they are not always glaringly obvious and could be concealed behind kitchen cupboards, drawers or wardrobes. Shutters on extractor fans and range hoods should be working properly too for full effect and draught prevention.

Downlights installed earlier than 2012 often present a problem where leakage of air is concerned, and people sometimes prefer to replace them with suspended or surface mounted versions. LED downlights which are IC or IC-F rated are usually sealed more effectively and can also be covered with insulation. With your home appropriately sealed and protected, you will get the best from your boiler and central heating system. We have a team of skilled Gas Safe engineers offering an excellent range of services including heating system installation, boiler installation, servicing, repair and maintenance. We also provide specialist plumbing, air conditioning, heating, gas and air source heat pumps.

Energy Efficient Renewable Heating, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Air source heat pumps are renewable energy heating systems, and a great way of keeping fuel bills down by drawing on natural resources like sunlight. Energy is converted by the heat pump and the result is heating, hot water and underfloor heating etc for your home in Buckhurst Hill.

We cover areas of Essex like Buckhurst Hill, Billericay, Wickford and Abridge, as well as London and surrounding areas. We have a vast experience of heating system installation, air conditioning and air source heat pump installation, plus all related services. Regular clients include hotel chains such as Hilton, the American Embassy, local councils, property management companies, banks and high end retail groups.

Home Heating System Installation & Repair Specialists, Billericay, Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair for Warm, Dry Homes in Wickford. Boiler Heating & Servicing, Thermally Efficient Homes, Abridge, Energy Efficient Renewable Heating, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

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