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The benefits of an air source heat pump for your business include heating and hot water production, lower carbon footprint, low maintenance, no extensive ground works needed during installation and minimal space required. The pumps operate by extracting and utilising air from outdoors to provide hot water and heating indoors. They can be effective during the cold winter months too, even when the outside air is -15C, and work by drawing in air which flows over a refrigerant filled heat exchanger. The air is transformed into heat for hot water systems, radiators and under floor heating.

One of the biggest factors in the popularity of these systems is their cost effectiveness, and the fact that they qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] payments. This scheme means that those whose green energy systems like air source heat pumps qualify for RHI will actually receive annual payments from the government. For instance a 3 bed detached house using an air source heat pump could receive around £1,679 per year in payments. Here is an explanation about the RHI.

Air source heat pumps are ideal for businesses, keeping costs down and giving an eco friendly solution to premises. Buildings using traditional heating sourced from fossil fuels like gas, oil or coal will be able to claim RHI payments once they make the switch to renewable technologies. Company owners wishing to explore the advantages to their business of air source heat pumps can get their accountant to do the numbers and report on whether or not the option would benefit them.

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