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sjb-p-blogThe air conditioning of any building is an extremely important aspect in its smooth running, especially when it comes to the health and comfort of its occupants. Places like hotels, property management companies and council offices need functional air conditioning systems in order to provide their guests and customers with the high standards they expect. Staff are also entitled to expect acceptable working conditions in order to perform their jobs satisfactorily.

We supply air conditioning equipment from names like Mitsubishi and Daikin, representing some of the most outstanding solutions to air conditioning. These systems provide an ideal internal environment which can be controlled to fulfil every customer need. Technically superior, energy efficient and expertly designed, these competitive systems represent value for money with reduced running costs and emissions. A comfortable living and working experience means more and more people demanding our products and services.

Mitsubishi air conditioning systems for instance have zero ozone depleting potential, an extensive product range and state of the art design and control. Daikin air conditioning systems are fast and easy to install, with a discreet, low profile for unobtrusive functionality. Air conditioning systems are most efficient if regularly serviced as this will lead to maximum efficiency and lower bills, safety in operation, longer equipment lifespan, increased dependability and a greener product all round.

The servicing and maintenance of air conditioning is essential for business critical air conditioning systems, as found within the medical sector. Storage and climate control related to sensitive pharmaceutical and critical medical products are vital for health centres, universities, hospitals, national distribution facilities and NHS organisations. Marcold Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd, supply, install, maintain and repair air conditioning systems and have an excellent reputation amongst their clients who enjoy continued, reliable performance. Call Marcold on 01253 – 839800

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