8 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter


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Although the weather at the moment is freezing, it doesn’t mean we have to freeze too! There are ways to keep warm and stay healthy at the same time, here are a few suggestions to keep numb fingers and toes at bay.

  1. If possible wrap up and go for a brisk walk, this is free and a well known way to warm up the body, improve circulation and promote a feeling of wellbeing.
  2. In the home, you can use old towels or blankets as draught excluders on windows and doors or draped over car windscreens. Adhesive draught excluders are also good for blocking troublesome gaps and can be easily cut to size and applied.
  3. When you finish using the oven, leave the door open to allow the heat to escape into the room.
  4. Try to limit the amount of times you open external doors or leave them open when bringing in shopping for instance. This will retain heat within the home and stop cold air entering.
  5. Apply tin foil behind the radiators, shiny side up, allowing heat to reflect back into the room and saving on fuel bills. Pull sofas and large furniture items away from radiators also so they don’t block the heat.
  6. Don’t be too embarrassed to use blankets in the sitting room etc during the day, you can even offer your visitor a cosy blanket to snuggle under while they drink their coffee!
  7. Make home made soups and spicy meals to keep warm.
  8. A bath, hot drink, early night and a good sleep are recommended in the cold weather, and help with circulation.

Those who use home heating oil, will also be able to fill their tanks and turn up the heating, due to the great low prices available at the moment. You can buy home heating oil online from specialists like Strangford Fuels who offer high quality products and fast delivery in and around Northern Ireland.

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