8 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas


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gasNatural gas is used extensively throughout the UK for things like heating and cooking, it also fuels power stations which in turn produce electricity for homes and businesses. Gas features prominently in the industrial world involving manufacturing processes of a wide range of products like paint, glass, plastics and clothing. Gas emits very few byproducts during combustion, so is seen as the cleanest burning fossil fuel. This is as a result of it’s perfect combustion, and is indicated by the blue flame it produces. Natural gas provides instant heat and is used by hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and office buildings as well as homes. There are many reasons to use gas including: –

  1. Gas is made up of methane meaning less carbon emissions than some other conventional forms of energy.
  2. It is relatively abundant, and can be easily stored and transported through pipelines, cylinders, storage units and tankers.
  3. Natural gas is often used in homes to power heating and cooking appliances, and in the absence of pipes it can be brought in small tanks.
  4. When used as fuel for cars, vans, and jet engines, gas provides a cheaper and cleaner solution than petrol or diesel.
  5. When burned it leaves no ash, smoke or aroma and gives instant results in the kitchen.
  6. In the industrial arena gas produces hydrogen, some paints and plastics and ammonia for fertilizers.
  7. Gas weighs less than air and usually dissipates quickly if there is a leak.
  8. Natural gas is less expensive than electricity.

At present consumption levels, gas as a resource is estimated to last for another 230 years, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). By using gas instead of coal there is a good chance of reducing near-term CO2 emissions and air pollution. It is also ideal for use in conjunction with renewable energy sources like solar and wind power where wind and sun are unavailable.

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