6 Reasons Your Business Needs Air Conditioning


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Air conditioning brings many advantages to your office or business premises in places like Billericay and Wickford such as:-

  1. Modern air conditioning and HVAC systems feature advanced technology, and are able to heat and cool a building very effectively, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Some systems can even redistribute pockets of warm air to cooler areas.
  2. Sophisticated air conditioning systems respond rapidly to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, and adjust automatically. This provides reduced energy use, lower utility costs and a decreased carbon footprint.
  3. A hot sticky environment is not conducive to a productive day of work, and humidity can make the workplace feel hotter than it is in reality. Air conditioning helps to remove humidity from the air.
  4. Absenteeism is a huge problem in today’s workplace, interfering with productivity and lowering moral. When the air quality within the workplace is improved, there is less chance of passing around coughs, colds and other nasties. Air is purified meaning the eradication of bacteria, airborne dust, odours and allergens. This brings a more pleasant atmosphere, and another benefit of this is that concentration is heightened along with a feeling of well-being.
  5. Air conditioning systems nowadays are extremely quiet, even when working full belt, so they wont disturb workers.
  6. Many items within the workplace these days can be damaged by heat and humidity, such as computers, photocopiers and other technology. Air conditioning can remove these unwanted elements and divert them elsewhere, where they are needed, keeping equipment safe.

At SJB Mechanical, we offer high quality air conditioning and HVAC systems to businesses in places like Billericay, Wickford and Rainham, Essex. Call us on 01277 823648 or 07711 886428

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