4 Benefits of Chilled Water Cooling Systems


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Water already offers an effective solution to electricity production in the form of Hydroelectric power, but it’s uses don’t end there. Chilled water cooling systems, or ‘chillers’ are being seen increasingly in institutions like schools and hospitals. Their advantages far outweigh any disadvantages, but many people are unsure of the facts.

Chilled Water Cooling Systems are a good idea because:-

1. Non Toxic and Safe

Chilled water cooling systems use chemically stable water as their refrigerant, which is of course non toxic to humans. With these systems there is no need for potentially hazardous refrigerants to flow in close proximity to building occupants. It is also kinder to the environment than a system which relies on chemicals.

2. Cost Effective Solution

Where high efficiency equipment is used, these systems can in many cases half energy costs. Water has an advantage over air as it is better at absorbing heat, it is also plentiful and inexpensive in the UK unlike refrigerants.

3. Protected Elements

Apart from cooling towers, the operational mechanics of chilled water systems are typically positioned in basements or other interior rooms. This avoids condensers and evaporators being damaged over time by the elements. The life of the system components can be extended for many more years than if they were exposed to rain, ice and heat. Air chillers on the other hand have to be installed outdoors which lowers their life expectancy.

4. Low Noise

Their quiet operation is another reason to choose these water chillers, especially in environments where peace and quiet is essential such as hospitals and educational establishments.

The team at SJB Mechanical & Building Services receive many requests to install a variety of air conditioning systems including chilled water cooling systems. These systems are favourable where there are large buildings that would require significant funds for an air conditioning system. Chilled water cooling systems are an ideal option in these cases whether it’s for domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

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